CART, C4.5/5.0, CHAID, Logistic regression

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can you help me to find exhaustive information(references, articles,e-books or something else ...) about these algorithms ?
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Try the Weka site and book: Weka is pretty terrible for actually doing any data mining, but the book is fabulous as an introduction to the topic.

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I should have mentioned this before. One of the best resources regarding learning algorithms is Modern Applied Statistics with S. Fourth Edition by W. N. Venables and B. D. Ripley Readable, but still mathematically sound. See for details. Search on Amazon or any other book seller to buy.

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There are Very Useful links for collect information about data mining in general ....... I am looking for the information which would help me to program these(C&RT i.e Classification and Regression Trees, C4.5/5.0, CHAID, Logistic regression) algorithms.

maybe an obvious one, butfor C4.5 and C5.0 see Ross Quinlan's site He wrote both algorithms. It is much easier to get info about C4.5 than it is about C5.0.For detailed info about all the algorithms used in SPSS's Data Mining software "Clementine" you can download the 4Mb algorithms guide. "Clementine Algorithms Guide.pdf"It is pretty exhaustive,including CART,Linear and Logistic Regression, Neural Net,Kohonen, K-Means,Apriorietc etc etc....- It doesn't include C5.0 info because this is propriety info belonging to Ross Quinlan.CheersTim

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I have downloaded this file, but I can't read it because it has some problems:citation:"This file is damaged""Cannot extract the embeddet font 'MJJDLA+Century-BookCondensedItalic'. Some characters may not display or print correctly"...and so, I can't read almost 50% out of math formulas

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