Crystal Report Parameter Passing from visual Basic

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I have a peculiar problem. I am from the Middle East.
I do programming in Visual Basic with MS Access and Crystal report
I developed the program in English Gregorian Calender(English)
Format "01/10/2003" Now I Pass Data Using Arabic Hijrii Calender
Format "04/08/1424" But Unfortuanelty the date dispaleyed does not show
what the data base is holding.
The Same problem exist for Datepicker also in VB.
If a date is selected in arabic/English format the date that is dispalyed is
refreshing to a new date.
Passing parameters to the crystal report is having the format

crpt.SelectionFormula = "{Application.Date} in date (" & Format(dtpDateFrom, "yyyy,m,d") & ") to date (" & Format(dtpDateTo, "yyyy,m,d") & ")"

crpt=Crystal report Object
Appliaction = database Table Name with date field
dtpdatefrom $ dtpdateto are Date pickers.
-> do any body have any other sujession in passing the date format

-> looking forward to your valuable replies
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>>Hijiri calendar support

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