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Hi folks,

I’m proposing you a discussion about “Edit & Continue”
feature of old Visual Basic. Microsoft plans to bring it again in VS Whidbey.

What is your opinion? Did you miss it in VS.NET 2003? Or
Microsoft should keep backward compatibility broken as it did VS.NET 2003?

I’m waiting your opinions.

 : Mihai Bejenariu     Reply  

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EC is very useful when you do silly typing mistakes which can becorrected without compiling again the entire project. Thedrawback of the current implementation of EC is that itcan't be used in all the code but only parts of it.

Marius, You might have right when you’re saying EChelps you when you’re doing typing errors. I personally disagree EC, and Iwas very surprised to see Microsoft discontinued it in VS.NET 2003. It seemsthat Microsoft didn’t have time to implement it in early versions of VS.NET. Or maybe VB community asks it intensely :)

I think we should use cautiously EC and use it when it’sreally necessary; otherwise we risk becoming pseudo-programmers testing theircode once at 2 minutes.

Anyway, we should appreciate new debugging features Microsofthas been added in VS.NET 2005.

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