.NET Code Samples Wanted! Earn $100 to $200 per month Writing .NET Code In Your Spare Time

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I am looking for a .net programmer to create .NET code samples for intermediate to advanced programmers of a .NET website.

The programmer will create a minimum of 50 code samples for the first week and if the samples are very good will continue creating code samples every week at ($100-$200 per month) for 1-3 months for the website.

These samples will be asp.net or windows forms or ado.net functions and classes that illustrate .NET Framework tasks for intermediate to advanced .net programmers.

The code samples will be in VB.NET or C#.NET.

1. The code samples must be original and not a copy of someone else's code.

2. The code samples must be tested.

3. All code samples (minimum of 50) must be submitted every seven (7) days.

4. Each line of a code sample must be well commented.

5. All code samples created will be completely owned and all copyrights will belong to us.

6. You will be given a login and password and a web based tool for submitting the code samples as you create them. You must use this web tool to submit each code sample as it is developed.

When replying, please tell us about your .net experience and skill level and about the areas of .net development that you are comfortable with.
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Use Fill method of SqlDataAdapter to get DataSet .Fill allows you to fetch specific number of rows and starting point.This is in c#,believe VB wouldn't be much difference

int rows = myAdapter.Fill(myDataset, 0, 50,"myDataTable");

Good luck.

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I am a VB.NET and ASP.NET programmer, having good experience in developing projects.

I am looking for some part-time work in .net so which will hepls me in financial..

give reply

Dear Sir/Madam

I am a ASP.NET and VB.NET programmer, having good experience in developing projects.

I am looking for some part-time work in .net so which will hepls me in financial and get more practice.Give reply.

thank you sir,

Asalam O Alikum,

i have good experience in writting code of .Net languages c#,vb.i worked in windows forms and web forms with repect of Asp.Net.I hava time to solve probelm of others who has no one to help them with code, article or any type of logic which they want to implemented.Plz reponse me.Thanks

Allah Hafiz.

salam Alaykum, i was wondering if you could help me with a query that i have to do.

I need to pull out the last 50 records from a table. the table doesn't have a row ID column that might increment every time a new one is created.

I heard something about rowcount, rowid and movelast. But can't seem to put them all together any help will be appreciated.


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Hi, I have been programming in .net for 3 years. I am also ranked as the Top 100 poster on asp.net forums. I have written several articles on .net. I will be very interested in writing and submitting code samples. Please also visit my website at http://www.kdkeys.net/net-code-samples-wanted-earn-100-to-200-per-month-writing-net-code-in-your-spare-time/#link-6867.

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I am an advanced programmer, with aexperience

from VB6, ASP, VB.Net, ASP.Net. Good knowledge in ADOx, ADO.Net., SQL Server 2000...

Right now working as a Web Services Administrator.

: sspasic    Reply

Hi, I am Radix, a Solution Developer with more than 2 years experience, Microsoft Trainer for MCAD/MCSD.NET.


E-mail: AskRadix@yahoo.com

Phone: 0020104979444

Areas of Expertise

- Programming Languages:


- Tools and Technologies:

• Win Forms.



• COM+.

• XML Web Services.

• .NET Remoting.

• Enterprise Services.

• Analysis Services.

• Data Access: ADO.NET.

• DBMS: SQLServer, Oracle, MySql Server.

- Applications Types:

• Database applications and data access layers.

• Code Generators.

• Web Applications.

• Enterprise Applications.

• Mobile and Smart Device applications.

Enterprise Applications

1) Automatic Code Generator.

- Automatically generate Stored Procedures, Info Classes, Business Clesses.

- Tools: C#.NET, SQLSERVER 2000.

2) Real State Application

- http://www.kdkeys.net/net-code-samples-wanted-earn-100-to-200-per-month-writing-net-code-in-your-spare-time/#link-6858

- http://www.kdkeys.net/net-code-samples-wanted-earn-100-to-200-per-month-writing-net-code-in-your-spare-time/#link-6860

- Tools: C#.NET, SQLSERVER 2000, ASP.NET 1.1

3) Multilanguage Inventory Managment System

-Tools:VB.NET, SQLSERVER 2000.

4) Billing System

-Tools:VB.NET, SQLSERVER 2000.

: Radix    Reply

i need a c progrm implementation for decision tree and backtracking

: Nancy    Reply

hi i m doing my m.tech project,for an educational organisation by using svm and fuzzy k means algorithm. i would like to know , whethere these algorithm give effective results or not?can explain with example for this application by using this algorithms? by using this algorithm i would thought to calculate student progress(based on marks, attendance) and also staff teaching level, and provide online feedback form to student to improve staff teaching quality so that student can able to score more.. pls reply to my post quickly sir..


: SANGEETA    Reply

I am doing a project of information retrieval, i have completed keyword selection process, now I want to use C-value to approve relevant keywords from the selected text.Please help me.

: Navaraj    Reply

I m Shiva Brindha...PG student..I m doing my project in data mining.. i need the source code for SVM in .net.. Please provide the source code or send me the link where to get the source code...Please help me..

i m shiva pg student.. i need source code for C4.5 and c5.0 in .Net.. it is very urgent.. can u provide the source code or tell me the link to get the code...Please help me...

I m SivaBrindha,PG student.. I need source code for association rule mining using Genetic Network Programming and Fuzzy.. Can u provide the source code? please.. In my project i use KDD99Cup dataset..

I am doing a project on A New Approach for Clustering of Navigation Patterns of Online Users .I have preprocessed the raw log files.My next step is to cluster the web log files hence to move forward I wanted the java code of K Means Algorithm ( any other clustering can also work) for clustering the IP address and the Url's present .. Kindly help me. its urgent .. thanking you .. Niketa

: Niketa    Reply

I m shiva Brindha..I need the comparison between c4.5, EC4.5,and C5.0 classification algorithm..Can u help me? please help me..

fp growth,apriori,k-means algoriths in java

hi this is shameem doing my M.Tech information technology,i am doing a project on PPDM using geometric data perturbation so i cant able to start up with my project.i need source code of PPDM project if any one having the source code means kindly share with me my mail id is shameemnzr92@gmail.comso i can start my project with ur helpThanking You.

: shameem    Reply

hi, can anyone tell me that how random walk works on a simple graph?

: wicky786    Reply

how to implement Fast Frequent Pattern Mining in real time in C++

: TDublish    Reply

I need a sample data mining project with source code and documentation where can i get it or any links for download??????????

: prashanth    Reply

Hi,I am looking for a Data Mining code in VB(Prediction, Classification and Association Rule Algorithms) of current topic which called as Community health record system. I hope any one could help me with this. Thanks in Advance.

: teeeeea    Reply

hi, I am a Phd student working in the area of graph mining. People have used the concept of random walk inside the graph while traversing and calculating the similarities among the nodes in the graph. Can anyone tell me that how random walk works on the graph? Specially, when it is utilized to measure any two arbitrary nodes/vertices in the graph...??? waiting for effective and informative reply... :roll:

: wicky786    Reply

fuzzy FP-Growth algorithm implemented in C#.net

: maryam3066    Reply

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